रविवार, 12 दिसंबर 2010

Cosmic Energy Enahancement

Rules for increasing / enhancing cosmic energy as per Vastu

(i) Effects due to slow of land:-

Slopes play an important role in the vastu Shastra as whichever side the slope is the energy of that side will exert maximum influence e.g. if the slope is to the East, positive energy flow increase and be beneficial. But if the slope is towards South and West, the negative energy will be more influential and cause harm.

(ii) Effects of depressions, water tanks , open wells, tube wells etc. :-

If the depression is in the East, North or NORTHEAST, they will be beneficial. However if they are South, SOUTHWEST and SOUTHEAST or the middle of the plot, then the effects will be harmful

(iii) Influence of moist and wet land:-

Moist and wet land enhance the effects of energy. If they are in North and East, they will be beneficial but cause harm if in South or West.

(iv) Height of the building:-

If the height of the building will be lower on the East, NORTHEAST or North side, then there will be excessive inflow of positive energy but if in these directions the height is high then the inflow of negative energy will be more, causing harm to the inmates.

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