रविवार, 12 दिसंबर 2010

Vibgyor from Sun

The Seven Rainbow Colors constituting the Sun Rays

In the morning as the sun rises, the earth is so calm and peaceful. Soon the seven colours constituting the sun ray, start exerting their influences. The seven rainbow colours are

VIBGYOR i.e. V. violet, I- indigo, B- blue, G-green, Y- yellow, O- orange, R- red.

The violet color is dominant in the NORTHEAST of the earth whereas in the SOUTH-EAST the color is red. When we construct four side boundary wall on any piece of land, it acts like an earth organism. In such a plot, due to VIBGYOR the influence of violet rays is maximum in the NORTH-EAST, while in SOUTH-EAST the red rays are dominant. The violet color being cool and moist, violet color and water are congenial. Hence NORTHEAST situated water tank, well, swimming pool, underground water tank, fountains, etc enhance the effect of ultra violet rays, which are most positive. Similarly maximum influence of red color is confined to the SOUTHEAST position of the plot, hence if fire related activities like boiler and electricals are built in the SOUTHEAST, positive results are obtained. The problems related to electricity are reduced and one receives normal electricity bill due to dry climatic conditions in SOUTHEAST zone. Now we will discuss the influences exerted by VIBGYOR from sun rise to sun set. The early morning sun- light is soft and pleasing to the mind. As the effects of the sun rays on the earth's atmosphere increases, its heat and moisture content go up leading to humidity on earth. The humid air causes blackness in the sun rays as they filter through it. This blackness in air increases tremendously in the west during the sun- set, producing ill effects.

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